Benefits of working with us

Those who work with us can also help shape us

While other companies still talk about flat hierarchies and fast decision-making processes, our employees have already initiated and implemented their own projects. We encourage – and demand – independent working methods. At XPLM, every employee has a lot of freedom, but also a lot of responsibility. Nobody is left on their own: our colleagues are happy to provide support, and our management is approachable and available to everyone if required. These are the ideal conditions for you to be able to make a difference at XPLM and to play an active part in shaping our future.

Flexibility for family and leisure time

At XPLM, we adapt the working time models to the life situations of our employees, not vice versa. We make sure that parents and part-time employees also manage to achieve a harmonious balance between life and work and offer the most flexible possibilities.

Advancement on our agenda

The only way to remain an expert is through continuous advancement. This is why all our employees are regularly given the opportunity to take advantage of both internal and external training measures. The topics vary from specialist to broader, comprehensive content, such as management seminars, time management courses or value workshops. In addition, our extremely varied project, partner and customer environment provides regular insights into the most diverse of industries and working methods – e.g., with customers from the automotive, aerospace or medical technology industries and with partners such as SAP, Oracle and Siemens. This allows you to constantly broaden your knowledge horizons at work.


We express appreciation in monetary terms as well

It is self-evident for us that good work should also be well paid. In addition, we offer our employees two popular pension standards in the form of capital-forming benefits and a company pension plan. Depending on their position and role, we also keep our employees mobile – and at a high level at that: all our company cars come exclusively from premium manufacturers such as Audi, Mercedes and BMW. As a member of the ‘Corporate Benefits' platform, we also offer all employees purchasing advantages at numerous well-known brands and online shops.

We invest in a healthy working environment

Some things are priceless. For example, the health and vitality of our employees. We support this through our weekly fruit day and free drinks, but also through sporting team events such as company runs, climbing and joint cycling tours. And because community is simply good for you, we also enjoy doing something with the team after work – from having dinner together to go-carting, bowling or laser tag. In order to support open communication on the company premises, we have set up "get together" points at each location to promote exchange in a relaxed atmosphere. And for all those who want to do sports before work or during the break, we also offer shower facilities.

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